Turn your manual stringing machine into an electronic one in a few easy steps. The Wise 2086 Electronic Tension Head fits most crank and drop weight stringing machines. Installs in minutes. The Wise 2086 is the Official Stringing Machine at the 2011 Hong Kong Tennis Classic.

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Wise 2086 Tension Head

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Product Description

Official Stringing Machine in H.K. Tennis Classic 2011. The 2086 Professional Tension Head adapts to all crank and all drop weight machines. In minutes you can be stringing like the pros. String with new consistency, accuracy and ease.


Detail Product Description:

The 2086 Professional Tension Head adapts to all crank and all drop weight machines. In minutes you can be stringing like the pros. Imagine the features of the most expensive machines added to your own stringer: electronic speed control, constant pull, linear gripper, pre-stretch, digital readout, and so much more. String with new consistency, accuracy and ease.

Why Electronic Stringing?

In general there are two modes of stringing a racket: Constant Pull or Lockout. Your manual machine is designated a lockout style machine. When it reaches the set tension it stops, held by a disc brake. But we know the string stretches and results in a much lower final tension. Electronic machines continue to pull at the set tension until you clamp off. It’s all in the electronics. For a truly accurate and consistent string job electronics are the way to go..

Now you see how easy it is to convert your “lockout” stringer to a modern “Constant Pull” stringing machine. If you own the popular Ektelon, Alpha or Gamma* stringer you owe it to yourself to try the 2086 Professional Tension Head, the most accurate machine on the market. It is perfectly compatible with Eagnas, Century, Winn, Toalson, Gosen, Mutual, Pro’s Pro and other manual stringing machines. All drop weights can use the 2086 by removing the tension arm and adding our drop weight adapter.


The 2086 delivers accuracy to one tenth of a pound and uses a professional style linear gripper . The machine weighs 12 pounds and its sturdy aluminum case is anodized Gloss Black for a chip-free durable finish. The exterior power supply operates on 90 – 220 volts and uses an American style three-prong line cord.  Your local distributor can supply an adapter for your current, if necessary. The power supply is UL, CE, CB and GS approved. The gripper switch and diablo are standard on the current machines, series 11.  The foot switch is an optional extra.

Tech Spec.


  • Self-diagnosis when boot up, will display error code if encounter problem
  • Computer controlled tensioning with real time display of actual tension applied on and measured from string’s feedback
  • Constant Pull or Lock out tensioning mechanism 
  • 2 memory settings to set tension
  • Pre-stretching feature pulls an extra 10, 15, 20 or 25% more. Great for natural gut
  • Set tension in either pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)
  • Tension range from 20 – 86 lbs. (with Constant Pull switch off, the minimum tension is about 17.6 lbs)
  • 3 variable speed setting, slow, medium, fast for pulling tension
  • Pause button
  • Count button - to see the number of pulls of each stringing session. Shutting off the machine will erase this number.
  • Diablo attachment included
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Foot pedal is an optional item


Package Dimension:

32 cm x 42 cm x 27.5 cm

Machine net weight:

4.6 kg

Package weight:

6.4 kg

Machine firmware version:


Compatible manual machine brands:

Gamma, Alpha, Exthree, Forten, Eagnas, Toalson, Victor, Fleet, Pro’s Pro, Gosen, etc.


2 year manufacturer warranty.

2-times free of charge on-site support within warrant period.

The Controls:


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